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    If you want to make your home a cosier place to be, knowing how to create a reading nook is a fantastic place to start. A small, peaceful space in your home where you can unwind and read adds so much to a home, and it’s quite easy to achieve too! 

    In this guide, we’re going to give you some top tips about making a reading nook and how you can make the space for one. Ready to get started? Then read on!


    Define Your Reading Space

    Before you can start piling books into your reading corner, you need to choose where in your home you’re going to read. A perfect reading nook is cosy and quiet, somewhere you can truly unwind after a hard day. Some great locations could be in any alcoves in your home, a corner of your lounge, or even in the space under the stairs.

    Once you have an area in mind for your cosy corner, you should define the space, and start making it your own. If the area already has items taking up space, you can use this opportunity to clear out some space and store them away.

    A fluffy rug is a great way to define the space as separated from the rest of your home, particularly one in a deep, dark shade.


    Add Some Seating and Storage

    Choosing seating for a reading corner can be tricky. There are so many options to choose from! One classic example might be a wing back chair, or, if you’re able to find one, a porter’s chair for total isolation from the outside world.

    If you strive for a more modern vibe, a recliner would be an excellent option, or a love seat. If you have the space, a small sofa might also be ideal. A bean bag, that old bookshop favourite, is another option. Whichever type of seating you plump for, blankets or throws never go amiss. A side table is always a pleasant addition, perfect for resting a nice cup of tea or any other drink of your choice.


    Book Storage

    Now that you’ve got your reading corner’s seating sorted, you need to consider where you’re going to store all your books! While many people use Kindles or other e-readers, sometimes you just can’t beat a real book. If you want to store plenty of books in your reading nook, you can’t beat a bookshelf. 

    If, however, you’re dealing with a small space and want to just store a couple of books, there are many different compact storage solutions open to you. Coffee tables with shelving could be enough, or you may opt for a basket, a small storage unit that you can put under the seat, or fix a small shelf to your wall.

    Choosing furniture for your reading nook will, ultimately, come down to how much space you have to offer.


    Set the Mood With Some Lighting

    A cosy reading area with a fireplace

    Cosy corners are often quite dimly lit, which is obviously not ideal for reading, but adding too much light can take away from the cosy atmosphere that you’re trying to cultivate. The answer? Lamps. 

    Lamps can add enough light to read while keeping the area cosy, and there’s a lamp to suit every reading nook under the sun. Anglepoise lamps are, of course, a classic, but standing lamps are another option that typically isn’t as harsh.

    If you’re trying to create that classy, old-school vibe, a Tiffany lamp, with its beautiful and colourful glass shade, will add a real touch of elegance. While originals are very expensive, you can purchase reproductions at much more affordable prices.


    Add a Touch of Colour

    When it comes to reading corner design, at home you have such a wide range of possibilities available to you, particularly if you own your home. Painting the walls around your reading nook an attractive colour, such as wine red or a deep blue, can add so much extra cosiness to your new favourite spot. 

    If you rent your home, don’t despair! There are a lot of other great ways to add some colour to your reading nook. For instance, putting up some posters with magnetic frames is a great way to add colour without altering or damaging the walls.  

    Making the area your own is vital – decorations are key. You should also think about adding some keepsakes or items that have sentimental value to your nook.



    Adding a reading nook to your home is a fantastic way to add some extra cosiness. Having a space where you can always go to relax, rest and enjoy a good book is sure to help you relax. 

    All you need is a small space that you can dedicate to reading. Once you’ve got one, you can define the space with plush furniture, a rug, decorate it to your heart’s desire, and start enjoying your new favourite spot.


    Having Trouble Making Space?

    To create a reading nook, you ultimately need to have free space available in your home. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be hard to find. If you’re running out of free space in your home, we can help you.

    We offer personal storage containers in a range of sizes on secure sites, so you can free up some space while keeping your belongings safe. For more information, take a look around our site or get in touch with us today at 01709 701155 or email us at info@anvsj.co.uk.


    Making a Reading Nook FAQs

    Why make a reading space?

    Having a dedicated space for reading could help you enjoy reading more. Having a dedicated space for a hobby is a good way to help you to focus on the hobby, and reading is no different.

    How should I make a reading nook for kids?

    If you have kids and want to encourage them to read, you can consider making your reading nook a more adventure-themed space. For instance, throwing a canopy or even a small tent into their reading nook can help them feel more like it’s a space just for them.


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