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    We often think of a self-storage unit as something we use when moving house, when we need to store stuff long-term or if we’ve run out of space at home. However, personal storage is far from the only application for storage rental. Self-storage facilities have huge benefits for businesses, from reducing costs to helping your business expand. In this guide, we’ll have a look at just some of the biggest benefits storage can have for your business.


    Cost-Effective Storage

    One of the biggest benefits that self-storage units offer for businesses is that they’re a highly cost-effective way to store your businesses’ items. If you run a small business, this is particularly significant: warehouse space can be costly, while ANVSJ’s business storage units start from £17.30 per week. 

    If you run a larger business and need more space, don’t despair. Storage units come in all shapes and sizes, and can even accommodate the needs of larger businesses that need more room.

    If you are a sole trader, if you have stock that you sell from home or online, a storage unit is a compelling alternative to a traditional warehouse. Keeping stock and inventory safe will be a snip, and will be easy to access thanks to self-storage facilities’ convenient locations.


    Cuts Down on Relocation Hassle

    Sometimes businesses need to relocate. Whether for good reasons or bad, moving your office can be a significant hassle. A self-storage unit can make relocation far easier. Let’s say that your business is moving offices, but you’ve got a period of time between your old lease expiring and your new one beginning. Instead of having to dash around finding places to store your goods, you can simply rent a self-storage unit and pack your things in there until your new office is ready. 

    Relocations are often tough: storage can make it easier.


    A Self-Storage Unit Offers Increased Security

    If you run a small business from your home or a small office, you may not have strong security measures in place to protect your company. This can be a serious problem. Self-storage facilities often have excellent security measures in place, such as CCTV cameras, so you can rest easy, knowing that your business and its goods are safe.

    Another significant safety feature of reputable self-storage companies is the presence of alarms. This combination can act as a strong deterrent to would-be thieves and solid evidence to give to police should the worst happen.


    Strong Scalability

    If you want to expand into a new area but haven’t secured new premises yet, it can be difficult to know when to start hiring employees or moving goods to a new storage location. If you work with a self-storage company, you will be able to find a location near your new proposed location and move your goods. This means that when you’re ready to make the move, one logistical issue has already been taken care of!

    Some self-storage companies, such as ANVSJ, offer combinations of office space and storage, giving you a new location and storage in one easy package.


    You Can Improve Workplace Safety

    Having large amounts of items and papers lying around in your office can cause a real safety hazard. Boxes of items can be trip hazards, while large collections of papers could increase the risk of fire. It’s easy to let things gather, and you might not realise the danger that a crowded business can pose until it’s too late.

    To improve workplace safety, you need to make some space. The best way to do that, while still retaining everything that you need, is to rent a self-storage unit.


    Keep Copies of Your Documents Safe

    Keeping your documents in order is a key part of running a business. Government regulations on record keeping are very strict, and you must keep records for six years. These documents take up space, there’s no two ways about it.

    While you may upload documents to the cloud and keep a hard copy in your office, it’s well worth keeping spare hard copies of your records in a safe location, in case of issues such as fires. Keeping your documents in a storage unit, with the appropriate protection from damp, is a great way to ensure your records are safe and in order.


    A Great Place to Store Tools

    Some businesses need bulky tools to carry out their business, such as builders. Storing all of this equipment at home can take up a huge amount of space, if it’s even possible in the first place. Storing tools in a self-storage unit can make lots of space at home, while also allowing you easy access to the tools whenever you need them. 

    Some very large storage units even allow for the storage of machinery like excavators or vehicles like trucks.


    You Can Store Seasonal Goods

    Some goods and products sell far better in certain seasons. For instance, if you run a clothing company, scarves and gloves will sell better in autumn and winter than in the warmer months. Instead of buying these products when they’re in demand, it may be more cost-effective for your business to buy these goods in the seasons when there’s less demand, store them in a self-storage unit, and then sell them during the time of high demand. 


    A Self-Storage Facility Can Be a Great Help for Your Business

    Self-storage facilities are useful for far more than simply moving house. If you run a business, we hope that you now understand the massive benefits that storage rental can offer your company. At ANVSJ, we are experienced in working with businesses of all kinds – if you need any help or have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can call us on 01709 701155 or email us at info@anvsj.co.uk.


    Business Self-Storage FAQs

    Can I Store Anything in Self-Storage?

    There are some restrictions on what you can and can’t store in a self-storage container, whether for personal or business use. For instance, at ANVSJ, we do not allow the storage of flammable or toxic materials.

    Is Self-Storage a Business Expense?

    You can claim self-storage as a deduction on your taxes, provided that you only use it for business purposes. 

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